‘It Was Not the Best Day of Our Lives’

Weddings are super expensive—we know that. Over at Learnvest, a married gal talks about how we convince ourselves to spend a ton of money on something that supposedly will be the best day of our life. Obviously, this is total nonsense, because if I never get married, does that mean I’ll never experience what could be the best day of my life?

Remember the other “best days” you’ll have.

• The day you you find out you’re going to have a baby. The day the baby is born. (If you want babies, that is.)

• The day that debt you’ve been carrying around for most of your life is finally paid off

• The day you finally have the job that you find meaningful and fulfilling

• The day you see something you wrote on a bookshelf

• The day you get on a plane and visit a place and see something beautiful you’ve never seen before

• The day you learned to do a thing that you never thought you’d ever learn to do

• The day you get over one of your fears

• The day you realize you’ve been just going through the motions, so you decide to do something about it and it makes all the difference

• The day you you look around and realize that life is exactly how you want it to be

• The day you let go and forgive yourself for that thing you did and feel terrible about

• The day you discover the cancer is gone

• The day you open your mail and receive the thing you’ve been waiting for a very long time

• The day you were going to do X, but decided to do Y, and then figured out that the only thing you ever wanted was Z, so you do whatever it takes to get Z, and when you do get Z, you hold onto it with everything you’ve got because it’s finally yours.

• The day you figure out that there will be other best days



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