It’s Not an Either/Or Question

Did you choose “Fresh Air” over having children?
First of all, I never really felt called to have children. And when I started hosting “Fresh Air,” I had a lot of plants. After a few weeks of hosting “Fresh Air,” I had no plants. I couldn’t even keep up with watering them. I know I’m missing out on very, very special things; things I will never understand, because I will never get a chance to experience them.

I imagine you don’t particularly like kids.
I relate to children much better when they get verbal. Sometimes I feel like when I see a baby that I should throw my catnip toy and scratch them under the chin like I do my cat.

I think we would stop wondering if women could have it all if we simply stopped asking women if they decided to choose their careers over having children. I’m looking at you, Andrew Goldman! (Also, love you, Terry Gross!)



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