Living and Working Together as a ‘Throuple’

At that point, Jason, who is 40 and from a conservative southern background, and Adrian, 32 and from a non-ritzy L.A. neighborhood, had been together for nine years. They had property and savings together, as well as a permissive sexual relationship. Benny’s affiliations were precisely the opposite. He was squatting in an abandoned building, had no clear ambitions, no career, and no serious relationships, past or present. He was unmoored—and, being 21 years old, happily so.

New York magazine’s “Sex Issue” has an article by Molly Young describing a “throuple”—three gay men who have lived and worked together for four years. The men run a porn site with 4,000-5,000 subscribers who pay $29.95 a month for what Young describes as “vanilla activity performed by cute, scruffy models,” which adds up to a good amount of change every month.



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