Lucky Things Bring Luck, Sometimes

Lapham’s Quarterly compiled a fun collection of athletes’ lucky charms and superstitions. What are your lucky charms before your own professional sports games, or in other scenarios requiring luck, like: gambling; handing over your debit card without checking your balance; watching reality singing competitions; playing adult kickball games, etc.???? 

Mine are: Crossing all of my fingers and legs and arms and wrists and basically just pretzelling the hell out of my body until it’s over (works for: watching sports, waiting for test results); chewing my tongue (always, basically); calling people right back after fights to tell them I love them; and a general feeling that everything works out, mostly, and that even the worst case scenario is not that bad, really; and also that showers before bed make everything better (okay these are more compulsions than superstitions, but, whatever).



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