Making a Statement with a $666 Burger

The 666 Burger food truck here in New York City got fed up with all these gourmet burgers restaurants are flipping in these modern times that they decided to invent the $666 “doucheburger”—a foie gras-stuffed kobe patty encrusted in gold flakes, and topped with lobster, caviar and a barbecue sauce made from these expensive coffee beans called Kopi Luwak that are eaten and pooped out by a toddy cat. The food truck was apparently pushed over the edge after it heard about Serendipity 3’s $295 burger held together with a diamond-encrusted toothpick. The doucheburger is supposed to be opulent and disgusting, but apparently, it’s delicious, and, hey, they got a lot of press out of it. I love me a good burger, but I’ll stick with the burgers that cost around $10, thankyouverymuch. [via]



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