Monday Check-In: A Very Good Dinner

Let’s get to to it, shall we?

On Friday, the staff decided to go bowling ($3 for rental shoes—Choire paid for the lane), followed by a very, very good dinner full of cocktails and small plates of ceviche, short ribs, forbidden rice, pork belly, poached eggs, and bunch of other things ($60, including tip—which I was more than happy to pay for such a great meal).

On Saturday, I spent the morning doing some work, and then headed off to a Batman movie marathon party in anticipation of the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises this week. I brought a large growler of watermelon beer from Duane Reade ($15), a drug store in the city that now sells beer on tap(!), and peaches and plums from the farmer’s market ($10).

Sunday morning was spent in Central Park catching up with a friend and her dog while drinking an iced coffee ($3), followed by grocery shopping at the farmer’s market ($20), and a grocery store(26).

Total: $137

How did you do?



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