Monday Check-in: Blind Spending

Good morning! It’s time to check in on our weekend spending.

I had a blind spending weekend, which meant that I didn’t attempt to estimate how much I’d spend this weekend, because my friends and I were planning on taking out a very good friend out for her birthday, and money wasn’t going to be an issue. We ended up at Momofuku Noodle Bar for their $100 fried chicken dinner, and ordered additional plates of pork and oyster buns, and plenty of beer. I had pulled out plenty of cash from the ATM in anticipation of paying for the birthday girl, but her fiance insisted on paying the entire check, and we fought him about it for a bit (he won). It was a fun time, and the birthday girl was content as can be. I paid $0 thanks to her handsome and generous fiance (I hope he’s reading this).

We decided to walk around a bit after our big meal, and stopped by a wine shop, where I had the birthday girl pick out whatever she wanted. She chose a bottle of Italian rose: $20.

I used Sunday to recover and spent $2.40 for coffee, and then $45.28 at the grocery store.

Total: $67.68

Although it was a blind spending weekend, I had anticipated spending more than $200. I’m planning on getting something nice for our handsome friend as a thank you gift. How did you do?



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