Monday Check-In: Going for Gold

Did you have an Olympic-winning weekend? Let’s check in.

On Friday afternoon, Logan and I walked by so many Mister Softee trucks that we each decided to get a dipped cone ($3.50). I don’t own a television and wanted to watch the opening ceremonies—which was totally bizarre!—but a friend of mine said she’d graciously host ($26 for a bottle of rose for the hostess).

Can I just rant for a second about how much I love the United States and our athletes, but as a person who doesn’t own a television, am unable to watch my country compete in the Olympics online except in short clips after they’ve already occurred? I would pay good money (um, $50?), to be able to watch the Olympics on a good platform online. NBC’s Olympics app for the iPhone is pretty much useless if you’re not paying specific cable providers.

Ok! Rant over!

I had brunch on Saturday in Brooklyn ($17), and then went to an afternoon birthday party at a friend’s very nice home where I mostly sat outside drinking shandys. In the evening, I headed back to my gracious friend’s apartment to watch more of the Olympics.

Sunday morning was spent doing work, laundry ($10), and grocery shopping ($31.04). I’m trying to watch my spending as much as I can so I can set aside some money for all the weddings I’ll be attending.

Weekend Total: $87.54

What was your damage?



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