Monday Check-In: My Spending Rises

It’s time to check in! I spent $34 to take out a friend for lunch on Friday, and ended up spending $45 at the martini bar on Friday evening. I figured I’d spend much more than that to buy the birthday girl drinks, but I forgot to take into account that most people who attend a party want to get the birthday girl a drink. I stayed until the very end, and paid for a cab to get the birthday girl home ($15). I spent most of Saturday running errands—a haircut, $62 with tip, and $55 for groceries—before running off to another birthday party with some friends, who kindly insisted on paying for drinks ($0). Did you see the The Dark Knight Rises this weekend? I traveled to Brooklyn on Sunday afternoon to watch the movie with Adam and Ester ($8 at a tiny theater), and then spent $6 on a coffee and biscuit to discuss and (mostly) laugh about the movie in the park.

Total: $225

All in all, a terrific weekend. I spent more than I anticipated because of the spontaneous decision to get a haircut, but I feel good about all dollars spent. How did you guys do?

Photo: Flickr/Abi Skipp



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