My British Bread Secret

“When I lived in London, this was my favorite: For 49 pence (which at the time was about the equivalent of a U.S. dollar, now the exchange rate is a little bit better), I would get a HUGE loaf of fresh bakery bread, called “Tiger Bread” from Sainsbury’s. It was THE BEST, and my friends and I would share loaves of it all the time. It was so good that I often over-indulged, like a child eating too much candy on Halloween. The one drawback was that, though it was so good the day it was made, but was pretty “eh” on day two and not good at all beyond the second day. But it was as much for a loaf of bread as I spend on two slices of toast at my local coffee shop here in Massachusetts. So yes. Tiger Bread from Sainsbury’s.”— Allie Justice

UPDATE FROM READERS IN THE KNOW: Tiger Bread has been rebranded as Giraffe Bread.


Do you have a British bread secret? Or a Burmese bread secret? Or a Bahaman bread secret? Any and all secrets should be shared with:



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