One Way to Get the Raise You Deserve: Goofed Math

A friend just IM’d me to tell me that she’d accidentally asked for a 25% raise … and she got it. What happened: She got another job offer and used it as an excuse to have a meeting with her boss. She said. “I have a job offer.” Boss said: “What will it take for you to stay?” She said “$(sum of money 25% over her current salary) Boss said: “Okay.”

The very, very, very best part is that my friend had intended to just ask for a 10% raise, but her calculations involved figuring out gross income and net take home both before and after overtime was factored in for both jobs. There were a lot of numbers in her head, and when the time came, she thought she was saying the 10% number … but she wasn’t! So with total confidence, thinking she was asking for 10%, she asked for 25% and got it. Would she ever have asked for 25%? Nope. WHY NOT? “That’s so much money.” But she’s totally worth it (and probably even more since the boss didn’t even try to negotiate down). ASK FOR THE MOON. AND DO IT WITH CONFIDENCE. (Goof your math if you have to, or have someone else goof your math for you. Next time you need a raise, I will be your calculator. Call me.)



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