Strip Clubs Are Ready for the G.O.P.

Here’s a story this morning about how strip clubs in Tampa are hoping to cash in when the Republican National Convention comes to town. The club-goers will get an eyeful, but they will get an earful too:

Inside, Jazmin, 19, prepared to live-chat on a webcam to a faraway customer, one of the club’s new features. She is also preparing for the convention. Given the opportunity to stand up before a politician, she will do her job, naturally, but also share her own tale of financial struggle, as many voters here would do.

Laid off from a job in the Medicaid billing industry, she scraped by as a cashier at a grocery store. The paycheck scarcely covered her car payments, she said. Then a friend of a friend told her about the strip club, and now there she is, saving her money (the most she’s ever made) for nursing school.

You go, Jazmin.



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