The Cities We Leave

When I moved out of New York, I knew at the time that it was the best decision for my career and pocketbook. Only now have I come to realize how important leaving was for my sanity, as well. Not that I was afflicted with claustrophobia or exhaustion or any of the pseudo-ailments with which so many hypochondriac New Yorkers diagnose themselves. Rather, I’d deliberately forgotten that life outside New York is just as pure and valid as life inside New York, which is a hazard of the City just the same as street crime, and one that’s far more prevalent.

Over at Gawker this weekend, Cord Jefferson wrote a very good piece about moving out of New York City, and how different cities view each other. It’s a love letter to New York and Los Angeles (where Jefferson lives now), but also about how we feel when we leave a city we love. But: I’ve been in New York close to seven years now, and I have not forgotten about life outside of New York! In fact, now that I have the sort of job that allows me to work from virtually anywhere, I’m thinking about doing an apartment swap for a month. Maybe I’ll go to Asheville, N.C.! Who knows? I’ll close my eyes and point to a map.



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