The State of Things: It’s Hot and Meals Alone, Two Ways

Logan: I made the very unfortunate decision of not getting out of bed as soon as I woke up today, and now I’m stuck here. It’s like the heat has fused my body to my bed and rendered getting up impossible. And how is your day?

Mike: Oh gosh, why didn’t you go to an air conditioned coffee shop? I’m freezing at our air conditioned office, per usual.

Logan: I want to. I keep thinking about it. But it’s just too hot to even move. All I can move are my fingers, on this keyboard. I’m getting an air conditioner, I’ve decided. I don’t know what I was trying to prove by not getting one, but I’m done trying to prove whatever that is.

Mike: Oh yes, isn’t it supposed to be 108 degrees tomorrow? I mean, I mentioned yesterday that I feel bad using my AC because of my utility bill, but I’m definitely turning it on tomorrow if I’m home.

Logan: Climate change, man. Nothing like the world heating up to make you feel like working really hard and saving pennies. (Sarcasm.)

Mike: I really need to get over feeling bad about using my AC. I think it has a lot to do with how I grew up. We didn’t have an air conditioner, and I remember my mom would take us to the supermarket to keep us cool sometimes. Also, I took myself out to dinner a few days ago. For no reason! Just, hey I want to go to dinner. And I felt bad about it after.

Logan: I wish you need to get over feeling bad about everything! I don’t think it’s a constructive feeling.

Mike: I agree with you.

Logan: Oh good, so you’ll stop!

Mike: Well, I probably won’t just stop. It’d be like me telling you, “Hey, stop offering to buy me a drink! You can’t afford that!” It’s hard to stop doing something you’re used to doing for so long. But going out to dinner was also something we only did on special occasions. So it’s a little strange to me to sit down at a restaurant by myself for no reason other than I walked by a restaurant and decided to go in and eat in it. I’m just so used to cooking dinner at home, which to be fair, I really enjoy doing.

Logan: Today I ate Toasted O’s, soy milk, and frozen blueberries and it was the best thing I’ve eaten in days. HOME COOKIN’. It didn’t make me feel bad. I also spent $35 on Wednesday in a restaurant on pickles, and biscuits and a bloody mary. Also didn’t feel bad.

Mike: Well, I guess the perfect balance is whatever is in the middle of the two of us!

Logan: I don’t want to ever feel bad!

Mike: Also, I should probably mention that I grew up Catholic. So feeling bad was just a thing I got used to?

Logan: See I don’t know anything about that. Secular guilt is not a thing.

Mike: Well, I don’t want any of us to ever feel bad, either. Maybe the perfect balance is simply recognizing our limits, and feeling good about that.

Logan: Or just like, thinking that it could be curtains for this whole place any second, so if you want some dinner, eat some dinner.

Mike: Haha. That’s just how you are now!

Logan: Yes! I don’t have to change! You on the other hand … what will it take? Do I need to start forwarding you articles about climate change and sea levels? I’ll do it. It’s not pretty, but I’ll do it.

Mike: “Nobody ever lives their life all the way up except bullfighters.” Hemingway—11th grade English class.

Logan: Did you write that down in your notebook or just commit to memory?

Mike: Memory. I like that quote. And also, I’m more optimistic about this world. I feel I’ll live to be at least 70.

Logan: I mean I obviously am a little bit because I still have insurance and pay my credit card bills. Like, if I really thought we were for sure croaking soon, I wouldn’t do any of that.

Mike: So we agree! Okay, so how are you planning on keeping cool this weekend, and how much do you think you’ll spend?

Logan: I’m going to my friend’s farm (another farm, so many farms). I’m hoping ice cream is in my future (ha, not hoping, I know). The roundtrip bus ticket is $40. I imagine we’ll do a grocery run, which I’ll probably try to pay for because that is how I do. Let’s say $100 totes.

Mike: Does your friend’s farm have air conditioning?

Logan: I am guessing that it doesn’t. She lives in a very old farmhouse. She maybe has a window unit? I think I remember a fan. But being hot in the country is more delightful than being hot in the city. You can lie on the ground under shade trees, chew on a piece of grass. Very romantic. Eat some berries. Pick some berries? Maybe berry season is over actually. I have no idea.

Mike: Oh, that does sound lovely.

Logan: What about you Mr. Dang? I think you should take yourself out for a meal this weekend. And Like It.

Mike: I will probably hide in the new coffee shop in my neighborhood. We will see about dinner. I ate too many hot dogs and burgers this week because of the holiday.

Logan: Eat a vegan meal! You can go to that place. And get tempeh. Or seitan. Or tofu. Or lettuce.

Mike: Oh, right that vegan place near me. Ok! (Maybe.)

Logan: See you Monday unless I decide to run away to Nova Scotia (it’s cold there, right?), in which case, see you never.

Mike: Have a great weekend on the farm!


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