What Kind of Milk?!?!?!

Choire Sicha: There is no other kind of milk other than “WHOLE MILK.”

Pat Sachon (My Mom): Organic fat-free, usually the cheapest one. I used to buy fat-free half and half until I saw all the yucky stuff they put in it, so now I buy the real stuff. And soy milk when you’re home.

Adam Frucci: 1%, organic probably. [Do you want to expand on that, add a joke maybe?] What, just the basics of my milk-buying habits aren’t entertaining on their own?

Edith Zimmerman: I buy half and half for my coffee, something organic from Trader Joe’s.

Mallory Ortberg: I buy raw milk in glass jars from Claravale Farms. It tastes really good! And glass jars make me feel old-timey and wholesome.

Matt Powers: Sometimes Cream-o-land but when I feel guilty that I’m not doing enough for my health, I get Amish Farms, which is organic. It’s $4 for .5 gallon. I’m worth it.

Nozlee Samadzadeh: My BF’s allergic to dairy, so soymilk. I like Trader Joe’s store brand soymilk in cartons, because the only ingredients are soybeans and water! Although often I buy dried soybeans and make my own soymilk, because I am weird.

Mike Dang: This is a question that I think about a lot. I buy organic whole milk. Whole milk because the ones that aren’t whole are watered down, and have sugar added to them. And organic because it lasts longer, and I can’t finish a whole carton unless I’m given a month. And sometimes even that goes to waste, so I just buy a little carton of half and half for my coffee. (Organic milk comes from farms that don’t use antiobiotics on their cows to fight infections, and since this milk has to travel longer to grocery stores, they are processed at an ultra high temperature that kills all the bacteria in the milk, giving it a longer shelf life. Non-organic milk goes through a pasteurization process done at a lower temperature, so not all the bacteria is killed, so it goes bad faster.)

Eric Spiegelman: Trader Joe’s 2%. No pulp.



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