A Secret About Coconut Water And Also Happiness In General, Possibly

Step one, move to India.

Step two, walk outside. Select the nearest coconut-wallah, and ask him for a coconut. He’ll chop off the top, stick a straw in it and hand it over for the low price of twenty rupees. (That’s about $.50 or less, depending on the exchange rate).

For bonus points, have the coconut-wallah chop open the coconut once you’re done and eat the fresh coconut meat. Your friend tells you its good for health, but its hard to believe that anything so slimy can be good for you.

Step four, laugh manically when you hear about how the coconut water craze at home and how it costs $3/bottle.

Step five, move home and stop laughing. Discover that you can find less expensive coconut water at the local Indian grocery store. Start laughing again!


Rachel Vaughn blogs about teaching herself Hindi. 



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