Also Don’t Steal People’s Credit Cards to Buy Plane Tickets DUH

Betabeat has an update on yesterday’s story about Tech Grifter Shirley Hornstein! Not only did she lie to people on the regular, she also stole their credit cards sometimes? Read all about it in Betabeat’s HOT EMAIL AND GCHAT TRANSCRIPTS detailing her grifts. One thing she did: Bought multiple plane tickets using other people’s credit cards! One particularly strong email from Michael Herzog tells her to turn over stolen funds OR ELSE (“I trust you’ll do the right thing sooner than later”).  It really is a great email. I’m bookmarking in case Mike Dang ever uses my credit cards to buy plane tickets so I can shut that thing DOWN. (Obviously this would never happen.) (You see, I don’t have credit cards.) (Also: Mike Dang doesn’t steal.) (Anything except hearts.)



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