Credit Union Employees Brilliant Evil Geniuses

While I was waiting in line at the credit union today, I saw this ad. What is this ad? I stared at it for a minute and tried to figure out why it had zombies on it. It is an ad for a bank contest. It makes no mention of being a zombie-themed bank contest. IT MAKES NO SENSE. So I brought it back to Mike. “Tell me what’s wrong with this flyer,” I said. “Why does it have zombies on it,” he said. He picked up on it right away.  He knew something was up. Were we missing some blaring clue? WHAT WAS GOING ON?!

I went to the credit union’s website to investigate and ended up watching the promotional video that went with the contest to see if I could garner any further understa … wait. Wait. Was that point?! Did I walk into their trap?!?!! I DID DIDN’T I!?!??!  THE MCGRAW HILL FEDERAL CREDIT UNION MARKETERS ARE GENIUSES. BRILLIANT GENIUSES. BRILLIANT EVIL GENIUSES.

I thought I’d been around the block once or twice, but nope: They got me. They got me good. I will not be linking to their full ad though. I will not be a pawn in their game. But SPOILER, the people in the ad aren’t zombies, they are normal people who have been “beat up” and “run over” and “exhausted” by big banks. I give the video a C-, but the entire campaign gets an A, for Actually Working On Me.



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