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My Twitter feed is basically:

Person @person: This celebrity did this thing, joke
Bill McKibben @billmckibben: Arctic ice shrinking, link
Other Person @otherperson: this article made me lol
Bill McKibben @billmckibben: Drought worst ever, link
Whoever @whoever: i just ate a sandwich (that’s the joke)
Bill McKibben@billmckibben: Fracking killing us all, link

Bill McKibben’s Twitter updates are a stark contrast to almost everything else in my feed. Several times a day he makes me pause and think: “Oh, yeah. Look what we’re doing, look what we’ve done.”

Have I changed my behavior or done anything to Help Become Part of the Solution? No. No, I have not. But step one is always being informed, and so I follow this guy. You should, too. (If anything, when we’re sitting on top of the roof when the flood waters come, ¬†it’ll be fun to be like, “Well, that Bill McKibben was right, I’ll be.”)



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