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My Twitter feed is basically:

Person @person: This celebrity did this thing, joke
Bill McKibben @billmckibben: Arctic ice shrinking, link
Other Person @otherperson: this article made me lol
Bill McKibben @billmckibben: Drought worst ever, link
Whoever @whoever: i just ate a sandwich (that’s the joke)
Bill McKibben@billmckibben: Fracking killing us all, link

Bill McKibben’s Twitter updates are a stark contrast to almost everything else in my feed. Several times a day he makes me pause and think: “Oh, yeah. Look what we’re doing, look what we’ve done.”

Have I changed my behavior or done anything to Help Become Part of the Solution? No. No, I have not. But step one is always being informed, and so I follow this guy. You should, too. (If anything, when we’re sitting on top of the roof when the flood waters come,  it’ll be fun to be like, “Well, that Bill McKibben was right, I’ll be.”)



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