I’ve Waited My Whole Life For This Opportunity

You know how sometimes you read about a job that exists (historically, this used to happen in “job ads,” now I don’t know how it happens … in fantasy books maybe “LOL”), and you FREAK OUT because you would be so good at that job and you know you would be so good at that job and you wish you could just send brain waves to the hiring person without having to, ugh, apply? WELL. Disney is doing a reboot of The Rocketeer ( New York Mag says). This is my destiny.

My first choice is to play the part of Jenny and get to wear the beautiful white dress and dance with Neville Sinclair at the South Seas club and knock him out even though what I really want is to makeout with him forever (I don’t act). My second choice is to play the part of Eddie because: flying (I still don’t act). My third choice is to rewrite the screenplay, though I wouldn’t be opposed to a shot-for-shot remake, BUT ONLY if the actors are the same. There might be some room for discussion on this. We can talk.



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