Monday Check-In: The Hangover

Have you seen this trailer for The Bachelorette starring Kirsten Dunst, Isla Fisher, Lizzy Kaplan, and Adam Scott as “Clyde”? I’m totally judging a movie by its trailer here, but it does not look good—a poor man/woman’s Bridesmaids that wants to be a little more like The Hangover. Or maybe I’m just being old and colorless, but if I am ever in the position to have a bachelor party, I would want to go out for a nice dinner somewhere like Daniel or Eleven Madison Park, followed by a few drinks at a place that is known for making really great cocktails, like Death + Company. We’d all be home by 2 a.m., and nobody has their head in a toilet bowl the next day. “But this is the last time you’ll get to be drunk and irresponsible!” you might say. Oh, married people get drunk and irresponsible sometimes too.

That is not what happened this weekend. When I was invited to this bachelor party, the first thing I asked the groom was if there was going to be a strip club involved, because, no thank you, not my thing, too expensive, etc. Luckily, he had gone on assignment to a strip club for an article a few years back and had already discovered that it wasn’t really his thing either. In its place was a bar crawl, and I’ll just leave it at that. This weekend was a bit of a blur. Also, I pulled $400 from the ATM and now have $100 left in my wallet, so I’m going to say I spent $300 this weekend.

And how were your weekends? Let’s check in.



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