My Bread Secret Requires Waking Up Early on the Weekends, If That’s Cool With You

“I totally have avoided paying for bread for the past two years. I started volunteering weekly at a local farmers’ market because, well, I like farmers and markets and having a reason to get my bum out of bed on Saturday mornings. What began as an exercise in community service has become a mutually beneficial weekly activity, as I quickly discovered that lo! the leftover bread from the bakery vendor is distributed to volunteers at the end of the day. Thus, as the market bell ushers the food-selling to a charming close, brown paper bags filled with baguettes, boules, croissants, and fluffy white sandwich bread appear for the taking at the market info booth.
Sometimes I’ve still got so much bread in my freezer from the previous week that I try to decline, only to be met with well-intentioned inquiries from the market manager: “Did you get bread? Make sure to take some bread!” I usually relent, grabbing a bag and swinging by a friend’s house on the way home to spread the wealth. It’s always a bonus when there’s a potluck to attend on Saturday evening.” —Sue Gloor

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