My Copenhagen Bread Secret

If you’re drinking your way through a dark depressing semester abroad in Copenhagen and you time everything correctly, you’ll be leaving the bar just in to time to miss your bus and necessitate walking home past a few of the city’s delicious bakeries right as they open for the day.

Depending on how much time you’ve spent on the barstool, you may be early and need to tap on the windows a bit to plead for an early sale. Worry not. The bakers, being Danish and prone themselves to the early morning need to sop up a stomach full of Fisk, will understand your situation.  

If you really want to do it correctly you should buy your coffee at the first bakery, your fresh pastry at the second, and a dark grainy loaf of Rugbrød at the third. The coffee and pastry should each be consumed on the walk to the successive bakery and the loaf of bread should spend the rest of the walk home tucked inside your parka and be saved for tomorrow’s smorrebrod. Pay close attention because if you muck up the order you’ll be stuck with cold coffee, an undercooked pastry and frozen bread.


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