No But Really, What Do You Think of Wall Street?

NY Mag’s Kevin Roose asked people he found on Main Streets six different small U.S. towns: “What do you think of Wall Street?” Rob in Iowa suggests that taxing millionaires won’t help (“a drop in the bucket,” he says), and that the middle class will have to foot the bill for recovery. Several people responded that Wall Street isn’t the problem, Obama is. A woman named Carol in Nevada, asked if she’d ever met a banker, said: “No, never met a banker. Why would you want to? They’d sit and brag about how much they made” 

Roose is from the Midwest, and I don’t think his intention was to be “LOL small town folks are dumb,” though a brief look at the NY Mag comments shows that’s how a lot of people are reading it. I think the compilation is more evidence that we’re all grasping at straws trying to make some sense of the mess they’re in and this country is in. And there are no good answers! Good, quick read. Will make you think. Recommend.



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