No But Really What Will You Give Me For My Kidney

Do you know that there is only one country in the world where selling organs is legal? GUESS WHAT IT IS. (Okay I’ll tell you: IRAN. ) I learned that from the Bio-Ethics Bites podcast. In this ep, two British men discussed the philosophical arguments for and against the buying and selling of organs and tissues (it’s from last year but it’s about ethics and ethics don’t expire).

But don’t listen to it thinking they’ll tell you the right answer because … that didn’t happen. (Philosophers! They never make up their minds!) I still don’t know where I stand on this issue butttttt when it comes to my own kidney, yeah, I’m sure I could find a  price that would swing me to one side of the debate. (I’d want $1 million dollars.) (Less, probably, actually.) (But more than the $25,000 this guy got. ) (And definitely  more than the $8,000 you can legally give me for my eggs, come on.)



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