On No Flo!

Progressive insurance has done a pretty poor job defending itself from people who have read Matt Fisher’s story about how the company defended the man who killed Fisher’s sister in an auto accident, and have been bombarding the insurance company’s Facebook and Twitter accounts with angry messages. It came up with a general statement to tweet at individual people, which enraged people even more (those tweets are now gone). The company’s PR team is probably scrambling at the moment to figure out how to delicately handle the situation. The situation is complicated, and we’ve only had Fisher’s story—we’ll let Progressive provide an in-depth explanation before yelling at them some more, but this has given us some time to think about how cheaper doesn’t mean better. People have paid more at other insurance companies, and have had positive experiences. But we can all agree that Progressive’s Facebook page is a joke (what does fresh corn or tomatoes have to do with anything?)



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