Podcast Network to Make Everyone Filthy Rich

Two hips and a hooray for the launch of the SPLITSIDER PODCAST NETWORK. It is a network of podcasts. Why would one need a network of podcasts? Because of strength in numbers! It’s like a union, except maybe a little bit different than that. Splitsider has joined six of the great NYC-based comedy podcasts together so they can grow their audiences and use their collective might to make some money together (that is the plan). As Splitsider CEO and CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD Adam Frucci says: “It’s a win/win/win.” (The three winners are the podcasters, for growing their audiences and hopefully making money; Splitsider, for hopefully making money and also feeling great for doing a cool thing; and listeners, for having great content in one easy-to-find, aesthetically and aurally pleasing location.)



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