Published Papers Reveal Some Things About Some Dude, Possibly

Gawker has published 950 pages of confidential documents from funds Mitt Romney has money in (many of them holdings of Bain Capital).

Is this important? Opinions vary.

Fortune’s Dan Primack says he’s had the files for months and didn’t do anything with them because there was “little of interest.” (Heidi Moore disagrees with his stance.)

• I’m fond of the way Chadwick Martin distills the document dump, short and sweet:

(I think we can agree it does?)

• Meanwhile Politico says that, at first glance, the important findings have to do with Romney’s Bain retirement investments, some of which the documents reveal to have been made a decade after he retired.

People who know what they’re talking about are sifting through the 950 pages AT THIS MOMENT. More soon, I’m sure.



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