British People Talk About Money

The Guardian interviewed fifteen people in the UK, from “all walks of life,” and asked them whether they felt rich or poor. These are all my favorite (favourite) lines:

• “One of my housemates will have Tesco Finest parma ham and mozzarella and olives and stuff in the fridge, and think it’s completely normal, not realising that’s extortionate.”

• “But when I find myself going into an upper-middle-class home, when I’m in the bathroom, looking at the Molton Brown hand soap, I say to myself, ‘What did I do wrong with my life?'” 

• “I’m living in quite a rough part of London, where I see people who are really poor. When I go to Chelsea, I feel a complete scrote.”

• “What we are is the forgotten middle. By no means do we have a flash lifestyle.”



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