Do All The Things You’ve Been Putting Off (Syke Just Do 1 Thing)

OKAY. Today is the day for task-doing! My 1 thing for the day is to change my address on all of my accounts to Mike Dang’s address. He has GRACIOUSLY offered to collect my mail while I am “without address” for some weeks. PS: You know that phrase, “Be careful what you wish for?” WOW is that true.

I had wanted to move out of my apartment forever, and then I got all zen and adult about it and decided it was good and okay and affordable and that I should be happy for what I have and I even started to be happy about it! I’d walk down the street whistling and smiling and tipping my hat to my neighbors … and now I have to be out in 30 days.

SO. Switching all my accounts to Mike Dang’s house: CHECK. (You might ask, Why not just forward your mail!? GREAT QUESTION. Apparently my apartment is listed as a business address by the postal service, and one cannot forward mail from a business to a residence, even if the business in question is actually a residence.)

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