Everyone Loves a Man in a Suit, But How Much Is the Suit?

DID YOU KNOW that there are THREE kinds of suits with THREE kinds of costs!??! (There are.) NPR’s PLANET MONEY REPORTS: 

1. Bespoke: “Created from a custom pattern,” $5,000+
2. Made-to-measure: “A tailor alters a standard pattern to fit a customer’s measurements,” $1,000 to $2,000
3. Off-the-rack: “A factory-made suit created from a standard pattern, $99 to $1,000

THE QUESTION IS: Do you think we can tell the difference!? 


1. Bespoke: Darcy in Pride and Prejudice (no factories, also, ALL THE $$$$$$); Daniel Craig as James Bond (he’s James Bond); Richie Tenebaum (I mean, it could go either way, but … I think bespoke because what a wild and quirky guyyyyy); Edward Cullen in Twilight at prom (lol, he has all the money and all the time sooo bespoke, yes).

2. Made-to-measure:  Draper in Mad Men (too many to be bespoke, right??); Gosling in Crazy Stupid Love (maybe he has one or two bespoke?); Will Smith in Men In Black (would not kill aliens in $5,000 suit, but $2,000 yes, okay); Stringer Bell in The Wire (???)

3. Off-the-rack:  Travolta and Jackson in Pulp Fiction (somebody who has seen this 20 times, tell me the exactly, I know you know);  Stabler in SVU (public servants have no money, also he obviously doesn’t care); Gus in Breaking Bad (he totally could have afforded bespoke but he’d be too smart to be flashing that kind of money around); Dawson at prom (no doubt, unless it’s rented).




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