Everything is Deadly

So we know that it is possible for us to die in our sleep (of natural causes, or night terrors), and now the Times magazine is reminding us that the couches in our homes could possibly be killing us if they’re full of toxic flame retardants. I feel like this is something I’ve been aware of, but shrugged off when I was younger (doesn’t everything end up killing us?) but now that I’m older and more aware of my mortality, I’m taking it more seriously (okay, some things are more deadly than others).

I know that my small New York-size couch is from Crate and Barrel circa 2009. According to Apartment Therapy, which I’m sure knows everything about apartments, couches from Crate and Barrel use plant-based polyfoam. But: The Times article says toxic flame retardant chemicals are added to the foam after it’s produced, and there is no indication of whether or not this is the case for my couch. So: I guess I’ll just have to live with it, or save up for a 100 percent eco-friendly couch (not likely).



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