Ich Bin ein Berliner (I Wish)

ACHTUNG! The window is quickly closing on the dreamy dream of moving to Berlin to live in a cheap flat and be an artist. (It seems the cheap flats are disappearing as wealthy Germans buy up housing stock as relatively stable investments because somebody—you?—wrecked the world economy.) 

But it’s not too late! Only almost too late. On Craigslist at this moment is a studio for 290 Euro/month. There doesn’t appear to be a shower and you share a bathroom with a shop, but I think you could deal with that. You could make a painting and trade your neighbors your painting for a shower. Artist life! There is subway tile and a window. Internet is included. Buy a roundtrip ticket for $700 and you’re there. Do it. Do itttt. Do it while you have your youth.



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