Monday Check In: A Wedding Upstate

Good morning! How much did you spend this weekend? I’m going to do a rundown of what it cost me to attend the wedding I went to this weekend:

• $105 airfare to upstate New York
• $5 AirTran shuttle to JFK
• $4 shake to drink on the plane because I sort of skipped lunch
• $4 tip to hotel shuttle driver for picking us up at the airport
• $154 hotel room
• $110 wedding gift
• $23 dinner and drinks catching up with friends
• $20 cab ride to rehearsal cocktail hour
• $3 tips for the bartender
• $15 cab ride back to the hotel
• $10 drinks after the wedding
• $34 on beer for the after after party
• $30 for van rental share to drive back to New York city
• $10 road stop for a salad and french fries
• $4 second road stop for ice cream
• $0 to crawl back into my own bed

Total: $531 for a weekend of wedding fun.

And how were your weekends?



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