Monday Check-In: Breaking Bread

I love food. We all have to eat, but I love the ritual of eating—cooking, breaking bread with friends, putting something comforting in your body after a long day of work, tasting something you’ve never tasted before—for me, it’s something worth paying for.

So, on Saturday, I was excited about going to Pok Pok in Brooklyn, a northern Thai food restaurant that popped up in New York after rave reviews in Portland, Ore. Food & Wine magazine editor-in-chief Dana Cowin started the year by saying that she was excited about Thai food in America, and that Pok Pok was one of the restaurants she was excited about. My two friends who know things about food suggested that we show up at 5:30 when the restaurant opened to skip the 2-hour-plus wait time. We got a table by 6 p.m., and after a round of drinks, our food came to our table at 6:30 p.m.—which was great, because I was worried that I’d eat dinner to early and then eat a second dinner at 10 p.m.

We got ordered the Vietnamese fish sauce wings, the grilled eggplant salad, the minced pork salad, sweet pork belly curry, and Chiang Mai sausage. We unanimously agreed that the sausage was our favorite thing we ordered. I had planned on spending $60 at dinner—I spent $40. Another $62 was spent on groceries, and $10 on laundry.

I had planned on spending $125 this weekend, and I spent $112. How did you do this weekend?



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