Monday Check-In: The Double-Shop Dance

Good morning! How were your weekends?

On Friday, I estimated that I would spend around $75 this weekend, mostly on groceries, because I have a wedding I’m flying off to at the end of this week. Did I hear the siren call of dinner or drinks with friends? Was I tempted to go watch Sleepwalk with Me because I’ve planning to see it ever since it opened at the IFC Center? Thankfully, I’m pretty good at not spending money I don’t have to spend, so I ended up doing laundry ($6), and then going to the grocery store twice.

The first time I went to the grocery store, it was for things I wanted (a baguette, brie, bacon and eggs for breakfast, a slice of carrot cake, etc. — $34.47), and then I went back for things I could actually eat for lunch and make for dinner the rest of the week ($49.72). It’s the double-shop dance, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who does it.

Weekend total: $90.19

I went over budget a little, but have no regrets—especially about eating that slice of carrot cake, which I cut into thirds and ate throughout the weekend, as I do.

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