My Flight Booking Secret

I’ve just booked a flight from Switzerland to the U.K., and after looking around at a couple of websites ( and similar) and finding the cheapest flight, I thought I should see how much it costs on (British Airways’s site). BA automatically detected my country as Switzerland, and so set the prices in Swiss Francs. The lowest quoted price in pounds I found online was £120, but the price listed on the BA website for the very same flight was 159 CHF—which ended up being less, because of the exchange rate!

The savings in this case was only £15, but I can imagine with longer journeys, or if you travel frequently, things like this could add up. Just thought this might be the sort of tip your readers would be interested in. — Stephanie B.

I think we need to start a “My Fight Booking Secret” series (send them if you have them!), because finding the best flight deals is something I think about whenever I’m going somewhere. WSJ flight booking secret: Start hunting now for 2013 holiday trips. I’m in the process of hunting for flights this week for a wedding at the end of October, because I heard that there are deals to be had at the end of summer, when fewer people are booking flights and settling back into school and work. The flight I was looking at yesterday is $30 cheaper today, and I’m thinking about booking it before I psych myself out and think it’ll be even cheaper tomorrow.



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