My Stealthy Intern Bread Secret

You don’t spend a few years toughing it out as an intern without some serious sacrifices. It makes you hungry. Hungry for the crazy dreams of “recognition” and “professional success” and “a paycheck”. Mostly, though, it just makes you literally hungry. Sometimes the cure for this hunger is shoving company-provided Swedish Fish down your gullet in a supply closet like you’re trying to fois gras your own liver. And sometimes it’s my bread secret.

Somewhere along the way, it became my duty to pick up everyone’s fancypants salads from Jeromy at the salad store. Although I never thought I’d live to see the sad day I salivated over a beet, sometimes life takes you on a magic carpet ride. After a week, it dawned on me that when everyone gave me their run-down of mix-ins (mixed greens, walnuts, beets, celery, artichoke, carrots, tomato, no bread) they were all ending with “no bread.” No. Bread. They were turning down free, fresh slices of sourdough!

The last time my people tried a low-carb diet, it was called the potato famine.

So I started claiming them all as my own. My new best buddy Jeromy’s bread hookups were as good as his name was confusing. He’d load me up with four big, delicious slices, plus a free side of garlic parmesan salad dressing for dipping. I was good to go all afternoon until my scurvy set in. But the important takeaway here isn’t the vitamin deficiency, it’s the free bread.


Kate Corcoran is a TV casting person in Manhattan, so if you want to get married, tattooed or have a fishtank built on TV holla at her.



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