People Holding Up Pieces of Paper, In Order of Smugness

LEAST SMUG: People holding up pieces of paper detailing hard, unfortunate, and sometimes tragic circumstances of their financial lives. They are  the 99%. 

MORE SMUG: People holding up pieces of paper claiming that they pay “for the rest of us,” do not take any government assistance, and pulled themselves up by their bootstraps like real Americans, what is wrong with the rest of us (in a fun twist, most of them, in their tales of independence from government subsidies, went to public schools, were in the military, worked for the government, etc.). They are the 53%.  

MOST SMUG: And, newly: People holding up pieces of paper poking fun at all those other people holding pieces of paper—or maybe just the trope of holding up pieces of paper— but mostly poking fun at Romney for saying that the 47% of the country that doesn’t pay income tax (i.e., old people, poor people, and students), are “dependent on government” and “believe they are victims.” They are the 47%. 

Which % are you?! HINT: You are probably more than one!



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