The Best and Worst of FroYo

From the frozen yogurt shop. Maybe you’re a little bit drunk. One flavor, or two mixed. None of this try a little bit of a lot stuff. Whether  you go with happiness (sprinkles, oreas, brownies, fudge) or with health (berries), it’s great snack, any time of day. Five to ten dollars, eaten in five to ten minutes. 

When purchased from the grocery store, late night, accidentally instead of ice cream, an actual food product. Frozen yogurt from the store is garbage. A little round carton of trash. One of life’s great sadnesses is anticipating ice cream only to get home, take a bite, recoil and then read those two disgusting words—frozen yogurt. There is only one thing to do, and that is leave it on the table to melt into actual trash and go to sleep, hungry and disappointed. Five dollars, good as burnt.



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