Things I Did And Did Not Do In Sephora Yesterday

Things I Did In Sephora Yesterday

1. Sprayed $28 “beachy spray” into my hair to make it look “beachy,” then scrunched it in the mirror to mixed results.

2. Salivated all over everything.

3. Spent ten minutes staring at the wall of face potions waiting for the right product for my face to jump out at me, maybe a  sign (like: a  spotlight, an earthquake where one thing fell off the shelf, an earthquake where all things fell off the shelf but one thing, a fairy godmother to say, “BUY THIS THING”).

4. Found a concealer in a pretty tube made out of UMBRIAN CLAY (god doesn’t that sound amazing), and put some on my hand to test and then wandered around whole store looking for a tissue to wipe it off with. It took a long time. (Dear Sephora, get sinks. Bath and Body Works has them. BATH AND BODY WORKS.) 

5. Looked at lipsticks for awhile and really wanted to put one of them on my face FOR A FALL LOOK, but then I thought about FALL GERMS, so I didn’t do it.

6. Instead went over to mirror and took my own lipstick out of my bag and put it on, then spent the rest of the time wondering how I was going to prove that the lipstick in my purse was my lipstick and not their lipstick with someone eventually came up to me and said, “Come with me.”

7. Held up various false eyelash testers up to my face, close enough to see what I might look like with feathery blue lashes, but not close enough to get any mites or diseases (I HOPE).

Things I Did Not Do In Sephora Yesterday

1. Buy anything.




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