Tuesday Check-In: The Long Weekend

Who doesn’t love a long holiday weekend? It’s like Monday never happened, except it did, but you didn’t have to be at work—you slept in and then stayed in bed and had coffee while reading magazines, and then walked in the park with your friend and her dog, showed her how to get to the river, and then ate fried chicken and wilted spinach ($15) for dinner. That’s how I spent my Monday, and I hope you had one that was just as … undemanding.

This weekend was also spent having fancy pizzas with friends after our trivia night plans were squashed ($21), eating everything bagels with cream cheese and baguettes with gorgonzola and honey with tall glasses of milk ($17), late night drinks with friends in bars and on rooftops ($21). I also got a haircut this weekend in preparation for a wedding in two weeks, because two weeks is usually enough time for haircuts to adjust to my head (whether the cut is good or bad—$60, including tip).

Total: $134, but it should be more because I haven’t gone grocery shopping yet.

It’s your turn to check in. How was your long weekend?

Photo: ToastyKen



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