We’re All In This Together

In short, why aren’t we asking that our society come to “have it all” together? Isn’t that the only way it would work? Is what we’re looking at simply a calcified failure of empathy and of imagination — the sad legacy of the Me Generation, which held that “self-realization” was the goal of life? How can we realize ourselves alone? How can we realize ourselves without one another?

The lovely and talented Maria Bustillos reviewed Hanna Rosin’s The End of Men for The Los Angeles Review of Books, and, well, she wasn’t a fan—mostly because it shoves equality out the window. “Society gains when the injustices against men are addressed equally with the injustices against women,” Bustillos says. “Surely it would be wrong to hold one kind of progress hostage to the other.” Indeed. Obviously, the injustices against women have been greater in a patriarchal society, but, yes, we want everyone to be able to succeed. We’re all in this together, right?



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