What You Need to Know About the New iPhone If You Care About the New iPhone

Instead of pretending I have something fresh to add, I’m going to point you to my favorite article on the new iPhone by my friends John and Matt, and my favorite hands on experience of the phone written by Josh, who was at Apple’s press event.

What I am good at, however, is telling you the very basics of what is important and forgetting about the extra junk. These things are kind of important-ish:

–You’ve likely already heard that the new phone is lighter, faster, has better life and is thinner and taller. It’s taller so it can better fit things above the pop-up on-screen keyboard, as well as better display 16:9 widescreen video.

–You’ve maybe heard the camera is better, with a more scratch-resistant sapphire crystal (second only to diamond in hardness) lens. It is able to shoot panoramic shots and take stills while you’re recording video and has a microphone on the back so it can better capture audio. It also takes better photos in low light. READ MORE



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