Who Needs Grocery Stores? (I Do)

The Millennials have much less brand loyalty and are more willing to engage in different distribution models to find food. This generation is not afraid to purchase food online and to look outside of the traditional grocery store to find what they want. Boomers on the other hand were more brand loyal and shopped at the grocery store for everything.

Boy, people sure like creating reports about what millennials like to buy. Today’s millennial report comes from AlixPartners, a consulting firm, which says that the future of the traditional grocery store is in danger because young consumers aren’t the one-stop shoppers our parents were. We go to grocery stores every now and then, but will also run off to farmer’s markets, specialty food stores, and will order food online. Which: Yes, I also go to the farmer’s market, and will occasionally buy cheese from a cheese shop, but most of my money is still spent at grocery stores (in my case, a mix of Zabar’s, Westside Market, Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods). I think grocery stores will find a way to survive.

Photo: K. Kendall



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