Ad Campaign Awful, But Effective

I spent a lot time this week watching television shows online (#1 way to deal with stress: buying food/drink.; #2 way to deal with stress: watching TV), which meant watching this Disney campaign twenty-hundred times. It is emotionally manipulative, and I hate it. 

This one with the fourteen year old is the worst one, in my opinion, but there are two others that are equally painful: “You and Lucy at four and a half” (“Thinks elephants can fly …”) and “Calitos and his Abuelos at nine and a half” (“Third time in the U.S., second time in Florida…”). I think making people feel bad about their kids growing up—or making kids feel bad for growing up—is gross. Kids grow up! We all grow up. It’s A Good Thing.

There’s also one with some newlyweds—”You without kids”—but I’m less sold on that. “Let’s go hang out with a bunch of other people’s kids before we have our own.” Nope. ANYWAY have fun crying / buying tickets to Disney.



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