Gain Professional Success by Pretending to Be British (But Don’t Actually Be British, Because: Green Card)

Alex Williams writes in the New York Times that, in the U.S., “conspicuous displays of Transatlantic flourish provide a subtle professional and social benefit.”


I sign my emails with an “x” because a British boss used to do it ages ago and I decided it was posh and now I JUST CAN’T STOP (“logan x”). I mention that I have dear friends in London every chance I get. My favorite skirt is mostly my favorite skirt because I got it at some vintage shoppe in London (and when people ask, I can say, “some vintage shoppe in London”). So yes. Attempts are made at “conspicuous displays of Transatlantic flourish.” Whether they provide any kind of benefit, professional or otherwise, is debatable (actually, I think it mostly just makes me look like a poseur but I cannot—no, I shall not—stop).




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