Hey New Yorkers Who Are My Gchat List Right Now, How Are You Working Today?

“I’m working from home! I don’t know that anyone’s checking on me to make sure I’m actually doing that, but I don’t want to get back in the office and be stressed out about everything I didn’t do. No one has actually told me anything about coming in, although we all checked in with each other. I’m assuming that since power’s still out at the office and since the L isn’t running I’ll be home for the rest of the week but who knows!” —Bennett Madison, editor in Manhattan  

“I’m doing the work from home thing until the office has electricity again. I have a salaried job, so I’m still getting paid.” —Helen Schumacher, metadata librarian for a photo collection in Manhattan

“I am ‘working from home’ which has meant waking up hungover at 11 a.m., sending out 1 email and falling back asleep till 12:30. Then making eggs and staring at the wall. Am I getting paid? IDK.” (What about your friend, the bartender?) “He’s working, yeah. Bars are cray busy. Bars are so busy. Bars are $$$$.” (How is he getting there?) “He’s riding his tiny bike.” —Lauren Rodrigue, copywriter for PR firm in Manhattan

“I’m just leaving work now. We’re still without power and I’ve been cleaning up rotting fish and produce since 9 a.m. Our payroll is based in Chelsea and they’re without power, so probably no checks this week, but we’re logging these cleaning hours. All things considered, it’s not too bad—no flooding, and we sold a lot of our food on Saturday and Sunday.” (How’d you get there?) “Bus!”—Greg Brockman, butcher at fancy grocery store in South Brooklyn

“We are organizing on Facebook because our email is down—I’m trying to do as much from my personal email as I can. We can’t come into the office because the power is still out. Payroll was supposed to happen Monday and obviously that … didn’t happen. We haven’t heard anything about getting paid this week.” —Miranda Popkey, works for a book publisher in Manhattan

“I am working today, but only because we’re at our test kitchen in Brooklyn Heights. (Our office space at General Assembly on 23rd St is totally closed because it has no power.) I took a car, which was tough because no one in Williamsburg wanted to drive to downtown Brooklyn. The thing about working at a startup is that they never have to deal with not paying you or having you not work—because my personal computer IS my work computer, so I’m just expected to carry on business as usual. (Not unrelated caveat: I am leaving my job in 1 week!)” —Nozlee Samadzadeh-Hadidi, editor at food blog based in Manhattan

“We don’t have to go to the office because Dumbo is underwater and that’s where our office is. I’m working in a coffee shop. I lost my internet yesterday; the storm has humbled me.” —Matt Powers, writer’s assistant in Dumbo

Working from work! I took the BM4 into Manhattan and that took nearly three hours. Then discovered that busses uptown from Canal St. are hard to come by at the moment. Total commute time: 3 hours 45 minutes, but at least we won’t have Halloween content still up on the home page tomorrow. Taking a company car home, and probably to work tomorrow. — Anonymous, online magazine editor

Enjoying a day off after five days straight covering Sandy. I slept for like 12 hours last night. Tonight we might give out candy to trick-or-treaters, watch some zombies and hang out with this guy. — Rubina Madan, Wall Street Journal social media editor



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