How Stress Impacts Your Waistline AND Your Bottom Line

Me: I have bought myself so many things this week. Just me out on the town, buying meals, buying drinks. Who do I think I am?

Miranda: A person who is stressed out about moving. 

Thursday night
Tecate, $3
Mushroom sandwich, $7
Tip, $2

Friday night
Cocktail made with earl grey tea and some other stuff,  $11
Fries, $5
Tip, $3

Later Friday night
Froyo (birthday cake with all possible chocolate toppings), $6  

Saturday Morning
Coffee and everything bagel with egg and cheese, $5

Saturday night
Michelada, $6
Gnocci, $17
Another Michelada, because …?,  $6
Tip, $7

Later Saturday night
Almond cake and a latte, $12
Tip, $2

Sunday morning
Coffee in a pretty coffee shop, $4
More coffee in another pretty coffee shop, $4
Cookie in another pretty coffee shop, $3

Sunday afternoon
Bloody mary and egg sandwich at brunch place, $17
Tip, $2

Monday night
Tecate, $4
Fancy kale and avocado sandwich, $12



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