Job Separations Just Like Relationship Separations, But Permanent

“People quitting their jobs now account for just over half of all job separations,” reports the WSJ, using a most incredible euphemism. (The rest: firings, layoffs, retirements, disability, and … death.)

What is the DEAL? They have a guess: “The increase in resignation letters suggests workers see more reasons to be hopeful about job prospects than is indicated by the lackluster job reports.” EHHH. I doubt that. I find that doubtful. This is TOTALLY TOTALLY ANECDOTAL AND NOT BASED ON DATA, but the people who I know who have quit their jobs have done it not because they have HOPE FOR THE FUTURE, but because THE STATE OF THE ECONOMY had kept them in a job they hated for way, way longer than they would have stayed under “normal circumstances” and they just couldn’t TAKE IT ANYMORE.



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